Custom Orders

We can make our garments to order subject to the availability of a particular fabric.

If you have already had a garment custom made for you by us, we will probably still have a record of your size details which will make it easier to re- order.

Generally, most orders will involve the modification of our standard size to suit you. For example, you may be very tall and slim which may mean you would like a medium size with several inches added to the body and sleeve. We often make extra large sizes to order because it may be that someone who is large around the waist will be average sized everywhere else or someone who is a body builder will need extra across the chest and shoulder but only a medium waist.

Simple re-sizing will generally not attract a surcharge. More complicated orders will have a surcharge attached.

After consulting our sizing chart, you can take your own measurements and forward them to us.
Alternately, you can use the measurements from a garment you own that fits you well.

We can customise garments that may require other detailing such as darts in the back, a nehru collar or french cuffs. Further, we can make a short sleeve fabric in long sleeves or vice versa.
If there is a particular fabric you are looking for, you can email us a sample jpeg and we could try to match it for you.
If you need a garment copied we may need for you to send it to us.

Needless to say, the first thing to do is to explore your options by opening a dialogue with us at